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SAT and ACT Test prep for the Fall testing sessions

Standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT require a different preparation approach. Did you know that the SAT still has a guessing penalty? In other words, when you miss a question, you get points deducted from your score as a penalty.
Time management is a big part of preparing for the SAT or ACT.
Some rules for taking he SAT or ACT:
If you don’t absolutely know the answer, skip it and come back to it at the end.
Don’t Christmas tree the answer sheet when your time is up, you could cost yourself a higher score. Not answering at all reduced deductions for wrong answers.
Eliminate wrong answers before determining which answer could be the correct one. There’s usually 2 right answers, but one is the most correct.
Go with your gut and don’t change answers once you decide the answer, your first answer is usually the correct one.
Check your work on the Math problems, even the wrong answer may appear as a correct one since they make it appear that one of the answers is correct if you accidentally skipped a step in the formula.

Before taking the test-Practice Practice Practice. Drill, Drill, Drill

The SAT changes in two years to be closer to the ACT in format and scoring, but in the meantime these are the rules we live under.

I hope these tips help.

Welcome Back to School Students

Welcome back to school.

Are you prepared and ready to start back to school without skipping a beat? Its always better to be maintaining and growing vs. playing catch up. Start your Academic Coaching now as the school returns and get a jump on school. Get prep in Organizational skills, Study Skills, Test prep. and Subject specific preparation and review.

Review prepared you for the next level. All of our coaches ask us all the time to remind our families that you can never get enough review