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Welcome Back to School Students

Welcome back to school.

Are you prepared and ready to start back to school without skipping a beat? Its always better to be maintaining and growing vs. playing catch up. Start your Academic Coaching now as the school returns and get a jump on school. Get prep in Organizational skills, Study Skills, Test prep. and Subject specific preparation and review.

Review prepared you for the next level. All of our coaches ask us all the time to remind our families that you can never get enough review

Summer is the best time to Prep for SAT/ACT. Use a proven repetition practice test program that stresses material and a true test taking strategy to maximize the potential of your child in the comfort of your home or library with little or no outside pressure-schools out

Changes to the SAT and what they mean to you and your student

As you may have heard, the SAT is set to undergo a significant revision in the near future. For students taking the test in spring of 2016 (as well as the PSAT in fall of 2015), there will be changes to the test’s scoring, format, and questions. Most notably, the test will return to a 400-1600 scale, there will be no penalty for wrong answers, and the essay will be optional. Overall, this updated SAT reflects an emphasis on problem-solving instead of rote memorization, as well as a closer alignment to the type of material and instruction seen in high school courses. Any changes to the SAT that allow students to truly demonstrate their knowledge (and has the benefit of reducing stress on parents and students alike) will be met with our approval. We are excited that the College Board is making these revisions, and are optimistic that these changes will indeed improve the test.

So far, information on the new SAT has been broad. We expect to receive more specific details on April 16, when the College Board will provide a blueprint for the new test and also release sample questions. In the meantime, here are the primary changes announced by the College Board. You may also view the details at

Scoring and Format

  • The test will revert to the 1600-point standard, primarily comprised of a Math and a newly-combined Reading/Writing section.
  • The SAT will eliminate the ¼-point penalty for wrong answers.
  • The essay will now be optional.
  • The primary test will be about 3 hours; the essay will be 50 minutes.
  • The test will be offered in print and digital forms.


  • Some Math sections will prohibit the use of a calculator to better test students’ math literacy and number sense.
  • More math questions will be based on real-world scenarios, applying mathematical logic to situations in the sciences and social sciences.
  • More advanced math concepts will be introduced, likely including algebra II and trigonometry (although these topics have yet to be confirmed).

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

  • Critical Reading and Writing sections will be combined into one score.
  • Sentence Completion questions will be eliminated, as the test will focus on more “real-world” vocabulary, rather than typical, unfamiliar, “SAT words.” Students will be asked to decode the meaning of these words based on the context in which they are presented.
  • Some Reading questions will ask students to cite the passage in support of previous answers.
  • One passage in every new SAT will be what the College Board describes as a “Founding Document” (such as the Declaration of Independence) or related, important historical texts (such as Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address or Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech).

The Essay

  • The essay will no longer be free-response only. Rather, students will be required to analyze a given text in terms of the passage’s use of evidence, reasoning, and stylistic elements. Students will be expected to refer to the passage to support their claims.
  • The essay score will not factor into students’ Reading/Writing scores. Instead, schools will see it as a separate score.


SAT/ACT Prep for the Spring testing

The next round for SAT and ACT testing is this Spring Starting in January through June. In order to prep effectively you will need to start 60 days before your test date

SAT/ACT for the Spring and Summer

There are 4 SAT and ACT tests coming up this Spring/Summer. The first is in late Jan. If you have a Jr. child,  you should take at least one of these tests in the spring summer. Don’t wait until the stress of the senior year.

Prepare for the New Year

Happy New School Year and welcome back to school.

Are you prepared and ready to start back to school without skipping a beat. Its always better to be maintaining and growing vs playing catch up. Start your Academic Coaching now as the school returns and get a jump on school. Get prep in Organizational skills, Study Skills, Test prep. Subject specific preparation and review

Holidays tutoring is exponential

Consider tutoring over all holidays and breaks. It’s probably the most effective time to work on foundational support and study skills. It also keeps your child engaged in learning when they don’t have school reinforcement.

Happy Holidays and a safe and happy New Year

Study skills and Test prep skills

Many people think of tutoring for failing students or for students needing homework assistance.  If all your instructor is addressing is homework, you will eventually feel that you have been wasting your money, or you will feel like your instructor doesn’t teach the material well enough to help your student. It’s rarely the instructor and usually the approach.

Students at all levels, regardless of whether they are making A’s or  they are failing, need an approach that includes Study Skills and Test Prep skills that they don’t teach in school. Organization can also be a big reason why a student is stuck at their current level.

If a person is only “Tutoring” in the traditional sense and not “Coaching” Academics, then a student will always be challenged to improve and rise up to the next level. This applies to “A “students and all students at all levels. Address the whole student and it will bleed into all academics and all subjects. Confidence rises, and with that comes motivation to improve.


Finals EOCTs and Mid Term Exams

Finals EOCTs and Mid Term Exams are weighted scores than can have stronger impacts on grades than any other activities. Prepare early and thoroughly. These tests can change  GPAs overnight either way

SAT & ACT Standardized test prep

Standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT require a different preparation approach. Did you know that the SAT has a guessing penalty? In other words, when you miss a question, you get points deducted from your score as a penalty.
Time management is a big part of preparing for the SAT or ACT.
Some rules for taking he SAT or ACT:
If you don’t absolutely know the answer, skip it and come back to it at the end.
Don’t Christmas tree the answer sheet when your time is up, you could cost yourself a higher score than not answering at all.
Eliminate wrong answers before determining which answer could be the correct one. There’s usually 2 right answers, but one is the most correct.
Go with your gut and don’t change answers once you decide the answer, your first answer is usually the correct one.
Check your work on the Math problems, even the wrong answer may appear as a correct one since they make it appear that one of the answers is correct if you accidentally skipped a step in the formula.

I hope these tips help.