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Academic Coaching, Tutoring, and Mentoring students through supplemental educational support while following the unconventional approach as an educational “Academic Coach”-not just a “tutor” or “teacher”. Anyone can help with homework-it takes a more all-encompassing rounded approach to help a struggling student to reach their academic goals. Instructors keep up with test planning and project planning in order to prepare more completely for enhancing the student’s academics and maximizing their potential. Our Instructors discuss and assist with organization and study skills as part of our program. Teachers at school expect students to keep up with their work, Our coaches help keep them organized and prepared so they work more independently.

Academic Coaches hires and thoroughly trains our staff to understand what is needed beyond simply tutoring.
We have Academic Coaches’ specialists to assist with ALL Subjects, and ALL grade levels such as Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College Prep working with Math, Reading, Science as well as Standardized Test Prep such as CRCT, PSAT, GED, SAT and ACT. A typical student sees a 15-25% Improvement on SAT/ACT Test Prep and as much as 2 grade level improvement in just 90 days With a complete student approach, other courses not tutored show improvement through learned organization and study skills

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