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Q: What’s different about an “Academic Coach” vs. a “Tutor”?

A: Usually a simple “Tutor” is for homework assistance and primarily for students failing in school. An “Academic Coach” works with all levels of students, and coaches the whole student. Homework help, used solely as a tool, does very little to help a student long term. If all an instructor does is help with homework, the student will have a limited learning experience, and you will see little improvement on test scores and overall grades. Plus homework is every day for most students and they need to learn to do their homework on all days and not depend on an assistant to do their homework. The experience is much better if they have questions about their homework after attempting it themselves first. An Academic Coach helps the student be more organized, learn proper testing techniques, and prepares for projects and tests/exams in advance not the night before. This approach will also help the student with other subjects as well through improved learning and studying behaviors.

Q: My student has A’s and B’s. Why would we need an Academic Coach? 

A: Students can always improve whether in Pre-K, or as a senior in College. There is always room to grow and to be better prepared for the next level.  Transition years such as 6th and 9th grades can be very difficult adjustments for most students. For High school students, getting into the college of your preference is extremely competitive. 1 or 2 points on their GPA, and a higher SAT/ACT score can make the difference in their winning the competition against others applying for the same school. Also, strong study behaviors and organization will help them be more prepared for the independence and difficulties once they get into college.

Q: Why does my instructor ask for teacher Blog information and the syllabus? 

A: If your coach knows what projects, quizzes, and overall academics are on the horizon, they can prepare lesson plans in advance of the sessions and better prepare the student ahead of the deadline dates and quiz dates.

Q: Will our coach assign lessons or create goals for their students? 

A: If a parent requests assignments, we can leave them for the student, but this is usually not requested due to all of the other constraints on students. Yes, all of our instructors are trained in goal creation, goal mastery assessments, and student goal evaluations.

Q: How long does it take for us to get an Academic Coach? 

A: Once enrolled, we will have all of the information from our consultation which includes information we need to match you with the right person for you. Typically we can have an instructor with our students within 5 business days, but in extreme cases, we can make rush attempts to bring the instructor together with the student sooner if possible. Information from the consultation is critical for us to make the right match. Subject matter, Scheduling availability, Learning styles, History of learning behaviors, and Location all play a major role in our ability to make a match and the time it takes to bring you together with your instructor.

Q: Do we have to sign a long term agreement? 

A: No, you can hire our services for as little as one month, but please be aware that often real, noticeable results and improvement comes from consistency and long term attention to all aspects of their experience with an Academic Coach.

Q: Can we just hire an Academic Coach for 1 or 2 exam cram sessions? 

A: Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, cram sessions rarely work or give you any benefit. Students need to begin studying for exams early and often. We will gladly add cram sessions to existing students, but we do not take on students for 1 or 2 sessions only.

Q: Do your coaches have experience with Standardized test prep such as CRCT, PSAT, SAT, and ACT? 

A: Yes! definitely. Standardized tests can be difficult for most students, and teaching a student how to be a better test taker is a huge part of our program for subject matter students but also for our custom designed prep programs such as CRCT, PSAT, SAT, and ACT. Drills and timed sessions play a major role in working with test taking strategies as well as learning how to manage your time in exams and assessments

Q: Do you guarantee our satisfaction with our Coach? 

A: Absolutely. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the instructor we bring to you. We just ask that you give it a few weeks to make your evaluation. Our goal is to match you with the right instructor, and for the student to be a willing and positive participant in the process. Often, the student and the instructor may take a few weeks to gel and learn the students learning style. Some students may not be as eager to tutor as others, and it’s important to note that these students can resist bonding with the coach to attempt to end the tutoring prematurely. Our goal is not to create a friend or nanny, but to make a match with a student who is willing to learn and enhance their learning ability. If the student is positive and willing participant, its extremely rare that the instructor and student can’t work well together.

Q: What days and times do your Coaches schedule? We work late and my child doesn’t get home until 7:00 pm?

A: We have instructors available 7 days a week between the hours of 9:00 am – 9:30 pm as long as its consistent.

Q: How many days per week is recommended? 

A: Typically, unless the student is failing or is in danger of failing, only 2 sessions per week is needed. If the student is failing, or needs help with multiple subjects, then they would need more time with an instructor.

Q: Who schedules the sessions? 

A: During the enrollment and consultation, you will share your availability on a regular and consistent basis, and a qualified instructor that matches your needs and schedule will contact you usually within 24 hours to finalize your sessions schedule and set up your initial start date.

Q: Why do you need a consistent schedule? Our schedule changes every week.

A: Without a consistent schedule we are unable to match you with an instructor to come to your home or meet at the library, etc.. We must have a regular consistent schedule to make a difference, but also in order to bring someone to you. Your instructor cannot be on call and will not be able to call you each week to discuss this week’s schedule

Q: Where do I sign up? 

A: Simply fill out the contact form on the parents tab or give us a call. We would love to answer any other questions you have.

Q. Where do the sessions take place?

A. Mostly in students homes.  It’s private and discrete.  Library tutoring or other public places are an acceptable location if In-home is not an option.  Small group classes are offered at our facility on a limited basis for SAT/ACT and other standardized test prep classes.

Q. Does an adult need to be present when a tutor comes to our home?

A. Yes.  A person 21 years or older must be on site during all sessions in a home.  *Library tutoring chaperon is based on age of student.