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Happy New Year!

You’ll be happy to know that our son made an A for the 1st semester of Algebra II thanks to the tutoring help he received from Marquis. We are so pleased, and I know he feels so much more confident in math.

We would like to renew for another three (3) months which should take us close to the end of the school year.  Please contact me at your convenience so that I can provide you with the credit card information.

Thanks so much –


Lassiter Mom


“We cannot say enough about the incredible tutoring service we have received from Academic Coaches. For over 2 years now we have been using their service and our tutor has become an essential element in our daughter’s excellent grades and progress in class. Though our daughter has always performed well in school, we felt that she was not maximizing her potential. Since hiring Academic Coaches Tutoring, she now feels much more prepared for her classes and especially for her tests. Our tutor not only helps her understand and master difficult material, she also brings a sense of calm to our rather hectic family schedule. The entire household feels a sense of relief when our tutor always cheerfully knocks on our door. Kudos to Academic Coaches Tutoring for providing such an excellent, caring tutor who is truly an important/valuable part of our daughter’s education experience. She makes their time together fun and educational!”…
Roswell Middle School mom

“ACADEMIC COACHES went above and beyond to ensure my daughter’s success.  Her SAT scores increased, her confidence level rose, and she achieved her personal goals.  These accomplishments are due to the excellence in quality and service which ACADEMIC COACHES provides.  Honestly, I can’t say enough about this service.  A highly professional and absolutely personalized program.”
Pope High school mom

“My 2 daughters have been tutoring with Academic Coaches for several years now. Initially I began using their services because I could no longer help them with their homework and their studies. Because it was so overwhelming, I needed some assistance. That is when I contacted Academic Coaches. I really liked the fact that the service provides in home tutoring. Since using Academic Coaches, my children have not only done well in on level classes but they have excelled in other classes which I would never have been able to help them in. Also, the tutors have eliminated the frustration that oftentimes developed between both my daughters and me when I tried to work with them. I would highly recommend Academic Coaches for all your tutoring needs.”
Cobb County family

“The convenience of in-home tutoring made it possible to get the best help while accommodating our hectic schedules.”
Milton, GA

“After spending thousands of dollars and getting no results with another so-called learning center, my husband and I are so excited to have found ACADEMIC COACHES.  Private is the way to go. Your approach has worked wonders.”

“Several years ago I contacted Academic Coaches to help me with my daughters’ schoolwork. Fortunately both our daughters were performing very well overall, that was not our problem. We were struggling with homework, organization and covering subject matter the teachers didn’t have time to cover in class. Academic Coaches spoke with us at length about our needs and placed us with a tutor who is still working with us today after 3 years.
Checking homework became a battle of the wills, adding hours to the process. Our tutor is there to help with homework with my both of my daughters, and is up to date on the new math teaching methods. She helps them stay on task with projects and deadlines, sets goals and establishes rewards. She works through the CRCT textbook so she can identify which subject areas my children need to be focusing on to improve.
My family is very busy with both children on travel soccer teams there is no way we could keep up with the rigors of this schedule without the help of our tutor from Academic Coaches. I know the evenings she scheduled I will be able to make dinner, work with my other child, and generally have a more pleasant evening. Gone are the late nighters following a statement like, “Oh mom I forgot I have a project due tomorrow!”
Mother of two-East Cobb

“Now we know what the difference is between a tutor and the service provided by Academic Coaches. Our instructor has been coming to our home for 6 months now and helps us keep up and stay ahead of upcoming tests and projects. We were overwhelmed with everything and our son was not keeping up. We were cramming last minute and his grades were sliding. Now we’re on track and we don’t ever want to lose his tutor. Thank you Academic Coaches”
Dunwoody parent

“Academic Coaches did an outstanding job in helping my son to significantly improve his college placement scores. My son graduated from one of the older, original private schools in Atlanta. He took several AP courses and performed in the 95+%, when he took the AP standardized tests after his Senior year. He took the SAT and ACT standardized tests and performed well, but less than expectation. We approached Academic Coaches through Scott Morchower, who set us up with an intensive preparation course, prior to retaking the standardized tests. His performance improved significantly. So much so, that he was offered an academic scholarship and admitted to the Honors’ College at a major University in the south His initial performance would have left him short of the necessary scores for the scholarship and admittance to the Honors’ College. Highly recommend this service, even for AP students at private schools.”
RPN, East Cobb

“My daughter believes in her ability now.  Thanks to ACADEMIC COACHES she has made honor roll two semesters in a row.”
Marietta dad